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Basic Cleaning Supplies

Not everyone enjoys cleaning, but with the right products and a can-do attitude, you can complete the job with speed and efficiency. To start, you will need to invest in a collection of basic cleaning supplies. Ranging from wood cleaners and window cleaners (which treat very specific surfaces) to all-purpose cleaners and microfiber cloths (which can effectively clean a variety of surfaces), these items are necessities. When you’re ready to begin assembling your stockpile, scroll down to learn about some of the most crucial basic cleaning supplies.


Basic Cleaning Supplies


First, make sure that your arsenal of basic cleaning products includes an all-purpose cleaner. This workhorse is capable of cleaning a variety of surfaces, including countertops, stovetops, and sinks. You can use it to clean the inside of cupboards and the outside of your refrigerator. However, if your home features a countertop made from granite or marble, buy a cleaning product that’s formulated to clean the specific material to avoid damaging it.

Glass cleaner is another important cleaning product. Before buying one, check the label to confirm that it’s made from a streak-free formula. A streak-free glass cleaner will not only save you time, but it will also prevent your mirrors and windows from appearing streaked and splotchy.

A tile and grout cleaner is vital for your bathrooms. Choose one that is acid-based as well as scrub-free. Use this formula to clean your shower and bathtub tile. You can even use it for toilets! If you have tile floors, purchase a cleaning product that is acid-free to prevent damage to your grout.

Basic Cleaning Supplies

If you have wood products, be sure to include one or two quality wood cleaners in your container of basic cleaning products. For wood furniture, use a polish that’s formulated for the furniture’s finish. If you have wood floors, clean them based on their seal. For instance, if a polyurethane seal is the agent that is protecting your wood floors, you can clean them with a mild dishwashing soap and warm water, but keep in mind that when it comes to wood floors, you should always use the least amount of water possible.


Your cleaning tool options are vast, and while everyone seems to have personal favorites, a few stand out as absolutely necessary. First, purchase a set of microfiber cloths. Many of these cloths are made from polyester, so they won’t leave lint behind when you use them. They are also soft and knitted, which makes them safe to use on most surfaces.

An extendible duster is another must-have cleaning tool. With this handy item, you’ll be able to reach the top part of your ceiling fans in addition to your highest shelves and the uppermost section of your closet organizers.

Scrubbing is an unfortunate part of cleaning. To do it right, you need the proper tools. Add scouring sponges, a toilet brush, and a grout scrubber to your container of cleaning supplies. Consider buying a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Everyone should own a broom and dustpan, and if you have carpet, a vacuum cleaner is a must. Finally, a basic bucket and a mop are essentials.

Need Some Help?

With this treasure trove of basic cleaning supplies, you can get your house in shape in no time. However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or simply don’t have the time, energy, or desire to clean, why not call in the pros? If you live in or near Springfield, Missouri, give the cleaning professionals at Grime Scrubbers a call. We offer a variety of cleaning services, including window cleaning and carpet cleaning. You can reach us at 417-864-8862 or click here for a free quote.

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