Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends

The commercial cleaning industry has seen steady growth in the years since the global depression of 2008. Healthcare and senior living facilities are providing new opportunities, the demand for “green” cleaning supplies and processes has grown, and more customers are demanding highly efficient and cutting-edge technologies. Scroll down to learn more about the commercial cleaning industry trends sweeping through the market at the moment.

Green Products

Although cleaning products and systems marketed as “green,” eco-friendly solutions have been around for decades, they have increased in use as more people become environmentally conscious. Many residential and commercial kitchen businesses specifically ask what types of product will be used to avoid any possible toxic residues. If you haven’t already, consider incorporating some green products into your cleaning program.

Healthcare Sanitation

Healthcare is a major market for the commercial cleaning industry. Clinics, hospitals, treatment centers, and assisted living facilities all require sanitary environments to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Many large facilities have their own full-time cleaners, but most smaller facilities outsource the job to commercial cleaners who can provide quick and reliable services. With rapidly aging populations across Europe and North America, we expect these opportunities to increase.

Robotic Cleaners

We’ve all seen little Roomba vacuum bots on TV, scooting about the room and removing dust and dirt. New robots can mop floors, clean walls, and scrub windows. Instead of worrying about losing your work to a robot, consider incorporating a robot into your cleaning processes. Let’s face it: robots are great workers that don’t require breaks or time off. They’re not going anywhere. In fact, they are only getting better, cheaper, and more popular. Adding a high-tech edge to your business with a robot might attract more customers, appealing to people’s fascination with new technology.

Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends 

Microbial Cleaning

Bacteria as a cleaning agent may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but it works. Microbial products clean at an industrial level, when detergents and soaps are inadequate. For example, they can clean up spills like oil, grease, and other chemicals. If your business could benefit from microbial cleaning, research the best products beforehand and educate yourself on their use.

Computer Software

Productivity software is common in big cleaning companies, and franchise owners may find their parent company provides access to such tools. If you run a small, independent company, however, and dream of expansion, explore computer software packages. Spreadsheets, databases, word processors, and bookkeeping solutions (amongst other technological tools) could streamline your organization and improve efficiency. There are even mobile versions of these software solutions for busy, on-the-go cleaners. learn more by clicking here

Hard work, organization, efficiency, and excellent customer service provide the foundation for a strong business, but keeping track of commercial cleaning industry trends will always be worthwhile. Trends provide alternatives to the status quo, and they may be able to improve your company’s level of quality and client satisfaction.

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