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How to Clean Wood Laminate Floors

If you can afford them, quality hardwood floors are great. If you can’t, wood laminate floors are pretty awesome too. Their durability, likeness to true wood, easy installation, and (most of all) low cost make them a great alternative to the real thing. However, they do require a different cleaning process. So stick around and learn how to clean wood laminate floors.

If you didn’t know, wood laminate floor planks include a few layers of paper. They’re the part of the floor that is printed with a design that mimics wood. Although these layers are protected with a thick, special coating, they still require floor care if you want to keep them looking beautiful and staying strong.

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Start with that old standby—the broom. Before you add any moisture to the floor, you’ll want to get up any bits of dust or dirt. If you skip this step, those dust bunnies might get wet and stick to the floor. A regular old plastic or bristle broom works well. Sweep lightly and if there’s anything hard or sharp on the floor (like a rock), pick it up with your hand so that it doesn’t scratch the surface. Sweep up all the debris and dispose of it.

How to Clean Wood Laminate Floors

Next, use a Swiffer (or a similar dust mop—a long plastic handle with a flat piece on the bottom to which you can attach a reusable cloth) to reach those bits of dust and dirt clinging to the floor. Run this over the floor and then dispose of the dirty cloth.

Then, spray the floor with a cleaning product. Wood laminate floor cleaning spray can be found at many grocery, retail, hardware, and convenience stores, they are best for cleaning your lucan kitchens. Be sure to choose one that is meant for laminate floors and not real wood flooring. If you use something different, you might leave your floors covered in streaks, dull in color, or dangerously slick. You could also make your own cleaner by mixing equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the cleaner lightly. If there are any stains, spot treat them by applying a little extra cleaning spray.

Finally, use your Swiffer (or any other dust mop) to mop up the cleaner. Put a little more effort into this stuff (use those muscles!) and try to buff the floor as you go along. If your dust mop has any sharp edges, be sure not to scrape them along the planks. Learning how to clean wood laminate floors is easy as long as you remember to watch our for sharp edges that could scratch the laminate.

Clean your wood laminate floors regularly to prevent dust build-up and keep them looking beautiful. Frequent cleanings will also help lengthen the floor’s life.

Learning how to clean wood laminate floors is simple. All you need is a few basic supplies, a little arm strength, and an eye for sharp edges.

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