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Although many workers don’t realize it, one of the most vital people in an office or public workplace is the janitor. Without the janitor, the windows would be smudged, the garbage bins overflowing, the refrigerator moldy, the floors covered in dirt and mud and trash. I don’t even want to mention the bathroom. We need janitors. The service they perform is incredibly beneficial to the work environment—boosting morale, productivity, and health, as well as the company’s image. With the help of Grime Scrubbers’ janitorial services businesses are able to operate at the highest-level possible because nothing in their environment is distracting them from the work at hand.

That’s the sign of a great janitor—by keeping everything in tip-top shape, they make you forget how frustrating the office would be without janitors. They make cleanliness seem ordinary and obvious when in fact, it’s a very valuable service. In the wake of a busy day, the janitor is always there to clean up the mess. When the garbage and recycling bins are ready to burst, the janitor is there to replace the bags. And when the bathroom stock of toilet paper is running low, the janitor replaces it and saves you from a very awkward situation. With janitors saving the day time and time again, you can’t discount the benefits their service offers.

If you stop to think about a janitor’s profession, you might falsely assume that they do nothing more empty trash bins, clean the floors, and wipe down tables and desks. But depending on the needs of your office or workplace, janitorial services can be utilized in a variety of different ways. Beyond those basic cleaning tasks, janitors also perform carpet cleaning, stripping and waxing floors, cleaning air-conditioner vents, kitchen sanitation, and clearing/cleaning the kitchen. In the bathroom, their duties extend to every facet of the room; they clean the sinks, toilets, urinals, floors, mirrors, and restock all paper products (toilet paper, paper towels) and other supplies (hand soap, feminine hygiene products, etc).

They also perform duties not related to cleaning such as locking/unlocking the building at the beginning and end of each day, setting up a room for an event, internal deliveries, and the movement of equipment. Businesses sometimes request that their janitors perform outdoor duties as well. Depending on the weather, a janitor may be expected to shovel snow, salt sidewalks and parking lots before a snowstorm, mow the lawn, and activate sprinklers. Other outdoor janitorial services include sweeping walkways and hanging the flag.

When looking for great janitorial services, businesses should consider several integral attributes. Steer clear of companies with sub-par cleaning skills, first and foremost, but remember that a good janitorial service offers more than employees with the ability to scrub and vacuum. If you want a great janitor, look for someone who is efficient and reliable, always arriving on time and following directions. They should have a good attitude and give 100% of their effort when completing assigned tasks.

Janitors are a valuable addition to any workplace. Janitors put their skills to use in a variety of different offices and public facilities such as office buildings, schools, libraries, stores, and hospitals. So whatever sort of building you need cleaned, you can count on Grime Scrubbers’ janitorial services. Committed to the highest level of quality and professionalism, Grime Scrubbers offers flexible and affordable services that can be customized to suit your needs.

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