• Home ServicesPhoto of Uses of Vinegar around the World

    Uses of Vinegar around the World

    Vinegar is the ultimate cleaning product. Not only can it clean just about anything, but it is also inexpensive, natural, easy to find, and safe for pets, family members, and the environment. In fact, I would be tempted to call…

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  • Home Cleaning TipsPhoto of How to Clean a Refrigerator

    How to Clean a Refrigerator

    Even the germaphobes among us seem to forget how important it is to regularly wash their refrigerators. It may not seem like a very consequential chore, but just think of all the food your fridge holds and the spills it…

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  • CleaningPhoto of Uses of Baking Soda

    Uses of Baking Soda

    You already know that vinegar is the ultimate cleaning product, but baking soda certainly gives it a run for its money. Like vinegar, it is inexpensive, easy to find, and safe for pets and people alike. Unlike vinegar (which has…

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  • CleaningPhoto of Oven Cleaning Tips

    Oven Cleaning Tips

    Although we rely on our ovens for many delicious dishes – peach cobbler, margarita pizza, pot roast . . . What were we talking about again? Oh right! – most of us don’t clean our ovens as often as we…

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  • CleaningPhoto of How to Evaluate a Cleaning Company

    How to Evaluate a Cleaning Company

    Hiring the first cleaning company you come across for your home or office could be a big mistake. Just because the company has a handful of employees and a business name, that does not mean they are qualified for the…

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  • CleaningPhoto of Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends

    Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends

    The commercial cleaning industry has seen steady growth in the years since the global depression of 2008. Healthcare and senior living facilities are providing new opportunities, the demand for “green” cleaning supplies and processes has grown, and more customers are…

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  • Home ServicesPhoto of Basic Cleaning Supplies

    Basic Cleaning Supplies

    Not everyone enjoys cleaning, but with the right products and a can-do attitude, you can complete the job with speed and efficiency. To start, you will need to invest in a collection of basic cleaning supplies. Ranging from wood cleaners and…

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  • Home ServicesPhoto of Food Storage Safety

    Food Storage Safety

    Spoiled or contaminated food is estimated to cause up to 325,000 hospitalizations in the United States every year (source), which is why food storage safety is so important. Food poisoning is no laughing matter and poses a serious risk to…

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  • Home ServicesPhoto of How Do You Clean Upholstery?

    How Do You Clean Upholstery?

    No matter how careful you are where your couches and chairs are concerned, accidents happen. Whether your child fell asleep and spilled chocolate ice cream on your favorite rose-colored couch or your date knocked over a glass of Cabernet on…

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