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The Importance of a Clean Office

Nobody wants to work in filth, and a workplace in a constant state of disarray is not conducive to productivity. In order to maintain a professional and relaxed work environment, things must be kept tidy. The importance of a clean office simply cannot be stressed enough. In fact, order in the workplace is better for employees, clients, and, therefore, business on the whole.

Disorganization is poisonous in the workplace. It is foolish to expect employees to hold themselves to a high standard if the office in which they work is not. If the office is to be respected as a place of business, it must be treated like one in every facet. This includes, and perhaps most significantly applies to, office cleanliness. Tidiness improves the quality of work, and if the importance of a clean office is held in high regard, the response will be evident in multiple ways:

Morale and Productivity

People are greatly impacted by their environments, and the workplace is no exception. If a workplace is not kept clean, employees will likely fail to respect it, and this will almost certainly affect the quality of their work. Clutter creates a sense of chaos, which adds stress to what is already a stressful environment for many. Furthermore, if an employee is given the impression that standards are low in regard to cleanliness, they will lower their own standards for their work; if their surroundings are subpar, their work and attitude will follow suit. This is a phenomenon that has been studied by many, perhaps in greatest depth in the field of criminology, where it is known as Broken Windows Theory.

The Importance of a Clean Office

Impression on the Client or Customer

Any time a client or customer sets foot in an office, they are making judgments and assertions. Whether they are conscious of it or not, they gather an impression based on what they see, and that will carry over to their impression of the people and work they observe. And as we all know, a bad first impression can be difficult to overcome. Typically a client’s first impression of a business comes from the office space. How can your clients expect professionalism from you if you don’t uphold a high standard in your own office? Quite simply: they can’t.


Beyond psychology and professionalism lies another great reason to keep an office clean: health. Offices are full of high-touch surfaces. All day, the entire staff uses the same doors, sinks, keyboards, and coffeepots. This is a playground for germs. And the dirtier and more disorganized the space is, the more of a health hazard it is for your staff. In order for employees to present their best work, they must be at their best in every way. Health cannot be ignored. Especially when employees work in close proximity to others, an office needs to take every precaution necessary to protect its employees.

The importance of a clean office cannot be overestimated. It could have negative effects on the quality of work, the impressions of clients, and the health of employees. Luckily, we’re here to help. Office cleaning is one of the many services we provide here at Grime Scrubbers. Please click here to learn more about our services – no job is too big or too small for us. Contact us online today!

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